Rafi Rumbles ADOPTED 4/27/17

Domestic Short Hair - Black with White; Male; 13 years; 11 pounds;

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This animal is a San Diego FOCAS animal

Rafi Rumbles is a very gentle and loving boy. He can be a little shy at first, but once he is comfortable in his new environment, Rafi likes to explore and even play a bit. His favorite thing ever is a nice, plush cat bed. He feels very safe inside of his bed and loves getting attention when he is cozied up inside of it. Rafi is a very mellow boy, probably due to his senior status, but he does enjoy a good bat at a feather toy here and there. Rafi loves his canned food, and he looks forward to breakfast and dinner. Rafi is friendly with other cats, but he since he is submissive around them, he should live with other mellow, cat-friendly felines. Kittens and other active cats are not Rafi’s speed, and he is uncomfortable around them. This sweet boy needs an adult home where he can relax and feel safe. He is not a fan of loud noises and sudden movements. Rafi rumbles is available for adoption but is in a foster home, where he gets lots of affection and love in his golden years. For more information on Rafi, please contact Jaime Johnson at [email protected]

Origin: FOCAS Program

Adoption Hours: Wed.-Mon. 11am – 4:30pm   (closed Tuesday)

Closed Tuesdays. Address is 389 Requeza Street; Encinitas, CA 92024

An adoption application can be found here