What a difference a day made for Stephanie

Twenty-four little hours Brought the sun and the flowers Where there used to be rain Lyrics by Stanley Adams

It may have taken six months, not twenty-four hours, but Stephanie’s life is now full of sun and flowers. In January of this year, Stephanie found herself at St. Francis Animal Sanctuary in Mandeville, Louisiana. At intake, she was described as lethargic and slightly dehydrated. She had a severe skin condition that was diagnosed as yeast dermatitis. Treated with antibiotics and a medicated shampoo, we think she must have had a litter of puppies with her when she arrived because the medical notes state, “Do not bathe mammary glands and make sure to rinse well before pups nurse”. Stephanie was also diagnosed with a heartworm infection. Heartworms are parasites transmitted as larva from mosquitoes. The worms develop (they can become the size of spaghetti noodles) and live in the bloodstream, arteries, and heart of the dog. They can do significant damage over time. If not treated, a heartworm infection is life threatening. Stephanie was treated with three separate injections of Immiticide. Tested six weeks after her last injection, Stephanie tested negative.

Stephanie was now ready to take the next step on her journey to a new life. Along with eleven other dogs, Stephanie traveled from Mandeville to Rancho Coastal Humane Society, arriving on May 30, 2012. Less than two months later, she became the newest member of a family which had two older cats and grandchildren who came to visit. Her name is now Steffi. Here’s what her new family recently wrote. “Steffi has been such a blessing to our family! Gary has been in bed due to back surgery and Steffi lies right beside him in her bed – or on our bed. She is so smart and behaves so well. She is so beautiful and I feel she is so happy – wagging her tail always now and wanting to run and play…she is a great walker also. We can’t thank you enough for such a sweet and loving dog. She is the best!”

by Diane Johnson, RCHS volunteer