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Pets for Patriots

Proud Supporter of Pets for Patriots

Rancho Coastal Humane Society will waive the adoption fee for dog and cat adoptions for San Diego County veterans through its partnership with Pets for Patriots.

Approved veterans will receive the waived adoption fee for program eligible pets, which include adult and special needs animals, and large breed dogs. A variety of additional benefits are provided through Pets for Patriots, including a generous contribution towards ‘welcome home’ pet food and basics, discounted veterinary care, and cost savings on other pet-related needs. Learn more and see if you’re eligible to apply here.

Your new pet friend is waiting!


Better with a Buddy Program (cats):

Cats & Bunnies-039

Many cats and kittens enjoy the companionship of a feline friend. Now when you adopt a cat or kitten from Rancho Coastal, you can adopt a second cat or kitten within one year for only $25!

The second cat/kitten is only $25 when you:

¨ Adopt two cats together

¨ Adopt a cat and a kitten together

¨ Adopt a kitten now, and another within a year later

¨ Adopt a cat now, and another within a year later

Feel free to ask us for more information about adding a second cat or kitten to your household, and we often offer free classes on multi-cat households. We are dedicated to making a harmonious match, and your adoption counselor will be able to help you decide whether a second cat or kitten is a good choice for you and your kitty.

Two Purr One:

Because we know that kittens do better in pairs, we are giving YOU the opportunity to save some money and your sanity, and adopt two kittens! Why should you adopt two, you ask?

¨ Kittens will entertain each other while you’re at work

¨ Kittens will learn social skills from each other

¨ Kittens are less bored and learn bite/scratch inhibition = less damage and less naughty behavior

¨ Prevents separation anxiety

Still not convinced?? We’re so confident you’ll be happier with two kittens that if you’re unhappy with your second kitten, RCHS will commit to taking back your kitten as a return, no matter how much time has passed (but we’re pretty sure you won’t want to!). Please see the Front Desk for more information.

*To qualify for Two Purr One, the second kitten must be adopted within two weeks of adopting the first kitten.