• Chihuahua Mix

    • Spayed Female

    • 7 years

    • 6 pounds


Angel is an exceptionally delightful canine, her perpetual tail-wagging earned her the moniker “Angel.” While she radiates happiness, she possesses a gentle and occasionally reserved demeanor. This affable pup maintains a tranquil disposition, save for her charming woofs when joy overflows.
Not only does Angel brighten your day with her tail-wagging and woofs, but she also has the adorable habit of “smiling.” Furthermore, she’s impeccably potty trained, and she subtly hints when she needs to go, although a gentle inquiry may be necessary throughout the day.
Angel’s unique needs include an aversion to beef and poultry, a common condition among white dogs. To maintain her health, she thrives on a diet of sardine and herring kibble, occasionally requiring over-the-counter anti-itch spray for her skin. As advised by the vet, she follows a controlled diet and gradually reintroduces different foods that she may eventually tolerate.
For Angel, a semi-calm, affectionate household would be an ideal environment, and she’s likely to coexist well with older children.

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