Thanks to YOU…Miranda is ready to go home

There was the puppy who needed surgery to repair an artery leading to her liver. We told you her story. You made donations. She got her surgery.

We told you about a cat who needed an operation to fix his leg. It was the first time in our 58 year history to perform that surgery on a cat. You donated. We did it!

Last month we told you about Big Tex. He had a ruptured ligament in his leg and some other medical issues that needed to be taken care of to take away his pain and begin his new life. You responded. Tex is recovering and available for adoption.

Miranda’s story might not seem as serious as these others, but the medical care she’s receiving at your Rancho Coastal Humane Society is changing her world.

Miranda is a 4-1/2 year old, 96 pound, smooth coat St. Bernard mix. She was transferred to us from one of our rescue partners through the FOCAS (Friends of County Animal Shelters) program.

She was found in Imperial County where she was a stray. She was taken to the Humane Society in El Centro then transferred to RCHS.

When Miranda got here, she got the same treatment that all the cats, dogs, and rabbits get. Medical exam, behavior exam, updated vaccinations, registered microchip, and spay or neuter when needed. That costs about $400.

During Miranda’s medical exam Dr. Moews found a lump. It was actually more of a mass in the area of her mammary glands. In matters like this, it’s usually better to take action sooner than later, so Miranda had surgery.

Great news! It was benign!

The kids attending Animal Camp love sitting in a kennel with a dog twice their size. Miranda loves all the attention from the campers, volunteers, and staff. Now we’re waiting for the right family to come in and realize they can’t live without her.

While some stories are more dramatic than others, your donations to your Rancho Coastal Humane Society’s Medical Fund are saving lives and helping to place pets in their forever homes every day.

For 7 months before Gerald and Herald were transferred to your Rancho Coastal Humane Society from another shelter through our FOCAS (Friends of County Animal Shelters) program, they lived together in a small wire crate.

They’re about 13 years old. They both weigh about 10 pounds. They’re male Chihuahua / Dachshund mix.

And they’re both blind.

Kathy Zerkle is V.P. of Adoption Services at RCHS. She says, “When we saw them at the other shelter, we had to take them. Their lives were not going to get any better. They would only get worse. That’s not the way it works at RCHS.”

Kathy sees the story of Gerald and Herald as a four step process.

#1:       Their previous family abandoned them.

#2:       The dogs were picked up and taken to one of our rescue partner shelters.

#3:       We asked to have these two, blind dogs transferred to RCHS.

“Now we’re working on step four. That’s finding them a new home. We knew it wouldn’t be an easy adoption. But, before, they had no chance. Now they have a future.”

Gerald is “top dog” of the two. He’s not shy about rolling on his back so you can rub his tummy. He’s had one of his eyes removed and the vision in the other is pretty much non-existent. Herald is the follower. He’s blind in both eyes. He follows Gerald’s lead.

Kathy says, “After 7 months living in a crate, they forgot what ‘normal’ is. They had forgotten how to play with toys. They had forgotten what it’s like to be loved. Now they’re getting lots of love and attention. It’s great to see the joy come back to them.”

As a bonded pair, Gerald and Herald need to be adopted together. They will do best in an adult home where their new family will give them encouragement and time to settle in at their own pace.

If you’ve ever had a blind dog, or you’re willing to learn, please come meet Gerald and Herald. The adoption fee is $75 for both of them.

Please make a donation. Call 760-753-6413, log on to or visit Rancho Coastal Humane Society at 389 Requeza Street in Encinitas… where Every Animal Deserves a Tomorrow. ®