President’s Letter July 2018

I am blissful.    

I am extremely happy that I found a job which allows me to use all of my skills for the benefit of animals needing advocacy. 30 years of lawyering is hard to put away, except when considering the importance of animal rescue, wildlife rehabilitation and companion adoption. I am joyful when I see a dog who came home with me for a few overnights walk away from the shelter with her new owner.  Ecstatic when the adopter sends a bunch of photos showing “Suzie” at play and at rest in her forever home. Over the moon when I watch a bird soar when released after recovering from a head injury. Peaceful when we adopt out the beloved senior cats of a RCHS friend, now departed.

I am content with the fact that no one at RCHS believes that we should just keep doing something one way because “we always do it that way,” even when another way would improve our customer service. I am encouraged that we are getting better at sharing information and that we are actually listening, not just talking, to each other. I am flourishing in this position, working with talented people who bring energy to the day and enthusiasm to the work. There are a lot of very creative people here, willing to think “outside the box” and ready to contribute fresh ideas.        

I am truly enchanted with RCHS. I find myself writing a lot these days, and the writing is poetry. Not rhyming words, but words with texture, substance and emotion.  Words that describe and define RCHS. Words that encourage others to do more, when they have already done so much! Words that are meant to be spoken and shared and shouted in delight!  I find inspiration here.

RCHS is successful because we have recognized the importance of human and animal bonding and, every day, we do something important to bring it forward.  We are passionate about compassion and we are fierce in promoting our mission. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE ANIMALS  is not a slogan, it’s a call of duty.   

In the months that come, I plan to write more about plans, but right now, I am still on my “honeymoon.”


Judi Sanzo
President and CEO