She Gave us All She Had…and More… to Help Tessa

Your Rancho Coastal Humane Society’s 4-star Charity Navigator rating is proof that you can trust us. We’re rated in the top 5 animal shelters in the United States. We don’t say that to brag. We want you to know that you can trust us. When you make a donation to RCHS, we will use it wisely and the way you intended.

That could not have been more obvious than it was a few weeks ago when we told the story of Tessa, a sick puppy who needed a liver shunt repaired. When her heart pumped, instead of the blood flowing through her liver, the blood vessel expanded. Unless she had surgery, she would be dead in a few months.

We went on TV and told her story. You responded. We were contacted by a lady who told us she saw the story on the news and she wanted to send us ten dollars. She wanted to….but she wouldn’t have ten dollars until her social security check arrived the next week. Then she would send her donation to help Tessa.

We thought about suggesting that she might need the money for herself, but she wanted to help Tessa. She wanted to be a part of this lifesaving surgery.

RCHS President Judi Sanzo watched the mail every day. A week later, there it was. Her donation for not ten, but fifteen dollars.

While Judi had been part of RCHS for many years as a member of the board of directors, this was her first time actually witnessing something like this as President. As she walked through the shelter sharing the news with the staff, you would have thought it was a million bucks.

For that wonderful lady, it may as well have been a million dollars. She saw a puppy in need and came to the rescue. She didn’t just donate all that she had. She gave more than she had. In return, we got to tell her she saved a life.

She and Judi are in contact now. We’re hoping to get her to the shelter sometime soon to have lunch with Judi, meet some of the staff and volunteers, and pet as many animals as she can.

We’re hoping Tessa’s family can bring her to the shelter to meet this generous lady.

This lady who helped to save Tessa’s life.