Thank Goodness we Don’t Have to Count Sheep at your Rancho Coastal Humane Society’s new San Diego Wildlife Center

When we count all the animals that have been helped since your Rancho Coastal Humane Society’s new San Diego Wildlife Center (SDWC) opened on April 2nd, we’re glad that we don’t have any sheep. We would have counted ourselves to sleep by now.

SDWC Director Trish Jackman reports that 305 patients came through the doors between opening day on April 2nd and June 12th.

When SDWC opened we had a pretty good idea of what kind of patients to expect. That is, until the second day, when our first patient, a chipmunk, showed up. While San Diego County has more squirrels than anyone could ever count, we don’t have chipmunks. Yet, there she was. A 3 week old baby chipmunk. We wonder if someone found her in a nearby county and took her home before realizing they had a wildlife creature they couldn’t care for. Fortunately, they dropped her off at the Department of Animal Services shelter in Carlsbad. They transferred her to SDWC.

Trish says there has been a steady stream of patients since then. “All aviaries are at capacity with patients, and the center is backing up with mallards that need a flight cage.”

“We have successfully released ducks, squirrels, songbirds, and doves back into the wild,” says Trish. “We have added cottontails to the list of species we now care for through release.”

It was no mistake that SDWC opened in April. It’s wildlife baby season! Trish points out, “As the season continues, patients come in with more critical injuries.”

While it’s true that we can’t save every patient, SDWC’s recovery rate is running about 12% higher than the average for wildlife centers.

What’s next? We’ll see who walks in and what they’re carrying. It could be baby bunnies. Maybe a hawk with a broken wing or another baby chipmunk.

Whatever it is, we need your help save it. Together we save lives. ®

For more information call 760-621-6888, visit the San Diego Wildlife Center at 2380 Camino Vida Roble in Carlsbad, log on to, or follow San Diego Wildlife Center on Facebook at