I wish you guys would update your doggone Wish List

It’s true. While your Rancho Coastal Humane Society’s Wish List is ever-changing, there are some items on there that never change.

We can pretty much guarantee that blankets and towels will always be on Wish List. We can always use paper and office supplies, laundry soap, and medical equipment. Pretty much anything in your house that you don’t use can be donated to the Thrift Shop.

The guy who told us to update the Wish List made a good point. So we went through every item on the list. There were a few items on there that we took off. They don’t need to be there all the time. Maybe some seasonal items that we should specifically ask you for when we need them.

As we whittled down the list, it reminded us of a few things that we had been intending to add to the list, but never did.

A couple weeks ago one of our friends asked if we needed a particular piece of veterinary medical equipment. (It’s super expensive.) When we recovered from the shock enough to talk, we asked what she meant. As the old saying goes, “I know a guy who knows a guy who has one he’s not using. Ya want it?”

All this being said, you’re still going to see blankets and towels and paper on the Wish List. But there are some new things on there. You might see something that reminds you of something you have…that we need…to help people and animals.

It’ll just take you a minute. Thank you for checking out our updated doggone Wish List.

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