Sometimes it seems as if we need a Hairy Potter Magic Wand

Edgar is doing great, but he still needs your help as he recovers from a surgery that is pretty unusual for cats.

Your Rancho Coastal provides surgeries and other medical care for pets who might not recover in other parts of the country. Edgar is a great example. He’s a 1-1/2 year old, 16 pound, Domestic Short Hair. His description on the RCHS website says:

Edgar is your classic gentleman. He is all dressed in his Tuxedo, ready to make a date with his new person or family!  Edgar loves his snuggles and pets. He’s very much a ‘people cat.’

After Edgar was transferred to RCHS from another shelter through FOCAS, we noticed that he was limping. Our Medical team found that Edgar had a Luxating Patella. (That’s Vet-Speak for “floating kneecap.”) This is common in dogs, but rare with cats.
We contacted Dr. Joshua Jackson at Veterinary Hospital. Edgar had his surgery on March 22nd and returned to RCHS the next day.

Medical Manager Justin Pool says, “Edgar is healing very well at this point and has been receiving his physical therapy by our medical staff members. He has been very tolerant and patient through his physical therapy which makes everyone’s life easier.”

Even with the generous discount that Dr. Jackson gives for the treatment of RCHS animals, the surgery is not cheap. We wish we had a “Hairy” Potter magic wand. We would swing it through the air and it would give us a pile of money to pay Edgar’s medical costs. Until we get the wand, we still need your help.

Please consider making a donation to our Medical Fund to help cover Edgar’s medical costs. We understand. This is a cat you’ll never meet. But your donation will change lives. It will definitely change Edgar’s life.

Come see us sometime soon at 389 Requeza Street in Encinitas. For more information or to make a donation call 760-753-6413 or log on to

Thank you for supporting your Rancho Coastal Humane Society, where Every Animal Deserves a Tomorrow. ®