Donations that touch our hearts

We have a saying at your Rancho Coastal Humane Society. “Dollars are dog food…and cat food…and rabbit food.” Sometimes RCHS supporters donate things we didn’t even know we needed until they told us.

This doesn’t mean that every donation is used to buy food. Donations also pay for medical treatment, humane education materials, wildlife rehabilitation, laundry detergent, kitty litter, hay, water dishes, and hundreds of other items you probably never even thought about. Sometimes people look on our Wishlist and fill existing needs.

Recently we heard from Ryan, the Owner and Leash Maker at Dog Patch SF in San Francisco. Here’s part of his letter:

          This is Ryan Dempsey from Dog Patch SF and the Ropes for Rescues Recycling Program. We are happy to donate these leashes made from a rope donated by Mesa Rim Climbing Gym in San Diego. Hope these will help out with the work you do for your rescues.

Ryan explained that the donation was part of the Ropes for Rescues Recycling Program.

We collect and repurpose retired climbing ropes into durable dog leads and donate 10% of the leads to the animal rescue of the climber’s choice. Through the thoughtful donations of climbing ropes from climbers and other organizations we have been able to keep these ropes out of our landfills and repurpose them into durable dog leads. We hope you enjoy them. If you know any climbers please help us spread the word about our program.

  • Mesa Rim Climbing Gym donated their used ropes.
  • Ryan turned them into leads.
  • It’s great for the environment.
  • The funds we would have used to buy new leashes can now be used for medical care, flea treatment, community outreach, and wherever else they’re needed.

Thank you Ryan and thank you Mesa Rim Climbing Gym. We won’t let you down. This is your Rancho Coastal Humane Society, where Every Animal Deserves a Tomorrow. ®

Learn more by visiting or on Instagram at @RopesforRescues.