Fetch – November 2018 – Thrift Shop

That has GOT to be the ugliest sweater EVER!

The holiday season is especially fun at your Rancho Coastal Humane Society Thrift Shop at 120 Aberdeen Drive in Cardiff-by-the-Sea. You never know what’s waiting for you. We went to check out the Christmas display that Thrift Shop Manager Brian Cook had been bragging about since the Halloween and Thanksgiving merchandise sold out.

The Sporting Goods section still had bicycles, footballs, baseball, and basketball equipment. There was less beach gear and more skiing supplies than during summer.

Just inside we stopped to say hello to Jimmy. He’s a regular guest at the Thrift Shop. He doesn’t spend money, but he lets everybody pet him. Good boy Jimmy!

The Thrift Shop was full of people looking for bargains, folks dropping off donations, and a few others asking how it works when you buy a Thrift Shop gift card for Christmas.

Other-Brian was standing in front of a mirror in the Furniture department asking Other Other-Brian (John has started calling him B-3-P-O)  how long it will be before his beard turns white enough for him to be the Thrift Shop Santa. He practiced a “Ho, Ho Ho,” until Erin told him to knock it off and unload the new donations that just arrived on The Beast (our big truck.)

We asked John where we could find Brian. He said, “You can’t miss him! Head through the new living room furniture and the big screen TV that just got here. Take a right at the Women’s Clothing department. Just past the Jewelry counter, look for the ugliest doggone Christmas sweater you can imagine. Brian’s wearing it.”

The Thrift Shop was beautiful with decorated trees, kid’s toys, Christmas pet supplies, outdoor and indoor decorations, and an antique model car with Santa behind the wheel.

In the middle of all this holiday beauty…there was Brian wearing a sweater that put the “Ug” in ugly. It was a mish mash of reindeers, elves, and Santas. Fat Santas. Thin Santas. Santas who looked like they wanted to go back to the North Pole for egg nog.

Brian, Really?

“Sorry. Can’t help myself. I love it! But I noticed a couple customers keep staring at me. I’m going to take it off and hold an auction to see which one of them wants it more.”

As we headed out through the bedroom furniture, Brian broke into his auctioneer chant. “Whaddya gonna give me for this sweater? Can I get an opening bid?”

See Video HERE!

We’re still accepting ugly Christmas sweaters and other donations at Rancho Coastal Humane Society’s Thrift Shop at 120 Aberdeen Drive in Cardiff-by-the-Sea. You can drop them off at the Thrift Shop or call 760-753-0970 to arrange for pick up. Be sure to “Like” Rancho Coastal Humane Society Thrift Shop on Facebook.

The money raised at the Thrift Shop helps people and animals when they need it most. We have to be successful. Every Animal Deserves a Tomorrow®.