She’s not a dog for everybody, but she’s the perfect dog for somebody

The first thing people ask when they meet Nvaya in her kennel at your Rancho Coastal Humane Society is “How do you say her name?”

It’s “nuh-VI’-uh.” A Hindu word that means “Worthy of praise.”

After everything Nvaya has been through, she’s certainly worthy of the better life that she has now that she’s been transferred to RCHS through our FOCAS program.

“We met her at another shelter,” says Kathy Zerkle, RCHS Vice President of Adoption Services. “She had been there a really long time. We couldn’t put our finger on what was wrong, but we could see her condition decline. We were able to get Nvaya transferred here through FOCAS so we could find out how we could help her.”

Tests revealed Ehrlichiosis. Don’t feel bad if you just went, “Huh?” It’s something that dogs get by being bitten by ticks. It‘s not contagious. We started treatment.

Probably because of the Ehrlichia infection, Nvaya’s kidneys are swollen. (The word for it is eight syllables long and it’s a lot easier to say swollen kidneys.) We’re treating it.
One more thing. Nvaya is blind.

If the part about her being blind made you go “Awww,” there’s no need. We caught up with Nvaya pulling Kathy across the parking lot. Kathy said, “We’re headed to the exercise yard to play fetch.”

You’re going to play fetch with a blind dog?

“Why not? Nvaya loves her toys and she loves playing fetch. Instead of looking for the toy, she follows her nose. It’s the same thing she does with a treat. She smells her way to it. It doesn’t seem to bother her. She’s one of the happiest dogs I’ve ever met. Look at that face. Look at her smile. Look at those ears!”

Nvaya is 5 years old and she weighs 50 pounds. She gets along with other dogs. She might like some older kids to play with her in her new home, but that’s not mandatory. What she needs most is someone to love her…and someone to love.

As we said, she’s not a dog for everybody….but she’s perfect for somebody. If this isn’t the time for you to adopt Nvaya, please consider making a donation to help cover her medical costs. How much? Give til it feels good.

For more information visit your Rancho Coastal Humane Society at 389 Requeza Street in Encinitas, call 760-753-6413, or log on to