• Bombay / Burmese mix

  • Female

  • 6 years

  • ? pounds

Giselle is a rare Bombay/Burmese mix, a breed that many refer to as a
“miniature black panther”. Giselle was originally rescued from someone
who had too many cats and couldn’t take care of them all. She was
rescued at 1 year of age, and has been in foster for six years. This
gorgeous girl is extraordinarily friendly and loves to play. As an
added plus, she will sit in your lap for snuggles!
Giselle is seeking a permanent home with a family who will take good

care of her. If you are looking for your new best fur friend and you
don’t mind a cuddly lap cat, please contact Giselle’s foster so he can
tell you all about her!

The family fostering Giselle is asking for a $50 re-homing fee.

For more information or if you are interested in adopting please contact Matt Fine 858-531-2121 or

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