• Domestic Short Hair – Calico

  • Female

  • 3 Years

  • 6 ¼ pounds

Eerie bumps, thuds, and spooky voices drifting down the halls of the RCHS cattery may send a shiver down your spine, but there’s no need to fear,it’s just me Goosebumps! Those bumps are from me kneading or gently headbutting my kennel walls asking for what I love most, being pet, especially behind my ears. The thuds are coming from my feet as I scamper after wand toys and ping pong balls, quickly snatching them in my grasp. Or possibly from my adventures exploring around the room as I check out every nook and cranny. And those spooky voices are actually just my many purrs and meows as I happily nestle into your side for a good long cuddle session. Really the only thing terrifying about me is how terrifyingly adorable and cuddly I am! So if you can handle the horror of having an absolute cuddle monster stalking the halls of your home come on by and say hello!

Please call the shelter at (760)753-6413 for questions on Goosebumps or detailed information on the adoption process.

Adoption Hours: Wednesday–Monday; 11 AM to 4:30 PM  (Closed Tuesdays)

Address: 389 Requeza Street, Encinitas, CA 92024

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