More than a Million Reasons to Celebrate at Your RCHS Thrift Shop

As we walked between the surf boards, wet suits and beach cruisers in the Sporting
Goods department at your Rancho Coastal Humane Society Thrift Shop at 120
Aberdeen Drive in Cardiff-by-the-Sea we heard Manager Brian Cook let loose with,
“Wow! What a month! What a year!”

Brian is an enthusiastic guy. You should have heard him when someone asked if the
Thrift Shop could take everything in their house. Furniture. TV sets. Artwork. Clothing.
Even the dishes in the kitchen cabinets. It took Brian and Other Brian three days and
lots of trips in “The Beast” (that’s the Thrift Shop truck) to get it all.
What was Brian so excited about this time?

“We finished the 2018-2019 fiscal year with a bang! June’s total sales of $108,957 was
the best June ever at the Shop, and the second best month in our 59-year history! And
that’s not all! Total revenue for the year was $1,199,905! That’s almost 10% more than
last year!”

Holy cow! That’s a lot of sales!

“Tell me about it! We sold more than 240,000 items! That’s almost two items every
minute we were open for the entire year! What an insanely wonderful way to support
the amazing work at the shelter.”
“We couldn’t do it without RCHS volunteers who contributed more than 12,500 hours.
That’s worth nearly $375,000 dollars based on the California value of volunteer time,
$29.95 per hour.”

Brian points out that, unlike most retail shops, “Our merchandise doesn’t come
packaged and priced for sale! We produce every piece of merchandise with labor
intensive collecting, sorting, researching, cleaning, and pricing.”

He told the volunteers, “Without your work, without the donation of time, energy and
talent, the business model of the Shop breaks down and drastically reduces any profit
the Thrift Shop might make.”

As Brian reminds us constantly, the money raised at the Thrift Shop helps people and
animals when they need it most. We have to be successful. Every animal deserves a

Be sure to “Like” Rancho Coastal Humane Society Thrift Shop on Facebook. If you
have items to donate you can drop them off at the Thrift Shop at 120 Aberdeen Drive in
Cardiff-by-the-Sea or call 760-753-0970 to arrange for pick up.