Mr. Feeny

Mr. Feeny
  • Domestic Short Hair – Brown Tabby and White

  • Male

  • 6 ¼ years

  • 9 ½ pounds

Welcome to class, I’ll be your teacher, Mr. Feeny!! Before we get to the lesson let me tell you a bit about myself. Even though I’m and older gentleman I’m just as sprightly as any youngster, maybe even more so! As an educator, I’m enthusiastic about learning and often find myself exploring every nook and cranny. I’ll happily share all my findings with you through frequent oral reports and long monologues on the importance of education. I love meeting all sorts of people, greeting new friends with a firm head rub and a cheery hello! Between gardening and grading papers, I love spending time with the people around me, wanting to be a part of everything they do. If a curious chatty companion is an A+ for you, come on by because class is in session!!

Adoption Hours: Wednesday–Monday; 11 AM to 4:30 PM  (Closed Tuesdays)

Address: 389 Requeza Street, Encinitas, CA 92024