Olaf and Tippy – Bonded Pair

Olaf and Tippy – Bonded Pair
  • Ragdoll

  • MaleMale

  • 6 years

  • ? pounds

This bonded pair of Ragdoll boys are possibly the sweetest duo I have ever fostered. These boys have amazing personalities and they are a wonderful blend of mellow, playful, fun, cuddly and loving. They have gorgeous coats and require daily brushing.

Tippy LOVES this daily bonding activity, and he can’t get enough of being brushed. Olaf is easy to brush too, and usually flops onto his side to be helpful. They both love playing with a feather wand toy. Tippy gets especially excited about this toy, which is great because he needs more exercise (Tippy is overweight and is on a weight loss routine).

I am looking to place them in a home that is holistic-minded. They would love to have a new home where they can safely go outdoors in an enclosed catio, or something to that effect. Overall, this amazingly sweet pair would do well in a variety of homes. They are good with mature kids, dogs, and may do okay with another cat in the home, but would need to be the right fit, if so.

Please contact Jaime at getcathappy@gmail.com if you are interested.

Olaf and Tippy are sponsored in memory of Leo and Mikey

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