President’s Letter June 2019

President’s Letter June 2019

Dear RCHS Friends and Family,

I am joyful.

The expression “joyful” is often used during the holiday season in formal greetings and wishes conveyed to family and friends.  But, it is not a seasonal word, and it should not be restricted to holiday cards. So, here’s what makes me joyful…

  • When a long-term resident like Harley finds his forever home.
  • When a donor says, “I want to make a donation and I need to know what the animals need!”
  • When a volunteer returns from vacation and rushes to the shelter to check on her favorites.
  • When I see the sign directing “Animal Camp” parents and children to the back of the property.
  • When Gryffindor finds “German Shepherd” people who understand him.
  • When there are adoptions over a weekend!
  • When I hear a new animal care attendant reach his “Ah-Ha!” moment of understanding how to harness an animal for a morning trip to the yard.
  • When I participate in a community event benefiting RCHS.
  • When Thrift Shop posts pictures of doggies who brought their owners’ shopping.
  • When I watch a puppy cradled in the arms of his new adopter who is walking out the door with an adoption folder and a small baggie of puppy food.
  • When a lovely gift of an old wagon is transformed into a luxury puppy transport.
  • When a foster volunteer tells us her kittens are all gaining weight!
  • When someone visits the shelter for a private tour and says, “I had no idea that you. . . .” when we talk about all the great things that happen here.
  • When a pet owner is reunited with her pet now that she has a safe home for her family.
  • When Denali and Bunnie have successful orthopedic surgeries and Lyla beats cancer, thanks to our awesome medical staff!

The greatest joy for all of us at RCHS comes from knowing how much YOU care about the companion animals and people who depend on us every day. WH Auden said, “In times of joy, all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag.”  Let’s keep those tails waggin’ every day!