Quirk and Quip (Bonded Pair)

Quirk and Quip (Bonded Pair)
  • Domestic Short Hairs – Brown Tabbies

  • Male / Male

  • 11 weeks each

  • 2 / 2 ½ pounds

Hi! Our names are Quirk and Quip and we are a bonded pair of kittens. Our caretakers at RCHS would describe us as being in the GREEN category. For more information on characteristics of cats often placed in the GREEN category, click here.

Cats are assigned to color categories using any previous owner notes, general handling, as well as staff and volunteer observations. As we continue to get to know the cats and gather further insights into their personalities, colors may be adjusted accordingly.

Rancho Coastal adopts out kittens starting at 8 weeks of age.  Many of them have been in foster homes for weeks and were even bottle-fed.   If you are thinking about bringing home kittens, be sure to consider your time away from home and the ages of your family members.  Kittens between the ages of 8-11 weeks old need more attention and care than older kittens.  They need continued training and play time, and are generally better with older children.  Kittens that are 4 months and older make better companions for young children and are generally more gentle during play.

Bonded pairs must be adopted together to the same home: if you choose to adopt a pair of kittens, the second kitten has a waived adoption fee. Behaviorists recommend pairs because kittens benefit from the companionship and because they are more entertained, they do less damage around your home.

RCHS is currently doing adoptions by appointment only. Click here for detailed information on the adoption process.

Adoption Hours: Monday-Sunday; 11 AM to 4:30 PM

Address: 389 Requeza Street, Encinitas, CA 92024