Kick Flip & Ollie (Bonded Pair)

Kick Flip & Ollie (Bonded Pair)
  • Lop mixes – Pointed White / Chocolate Tan

  • Male / Male

  • 8 months each

  • 3 ½ pounds / 2½ pounds

Kick Flip & Ollie are a BONDED PAIR that will need to be adopted together to the same home.

Hi! Our names are Kick Flip and Ollie. Our caretakers at RCHS would describe us as being in the ORANGE category. For more information on characteristics of rabbits often placed in the ORANGE category, click here.

Rabbits are assigned to color categories using any previous owner notes, general handling, as well as staff and volunteer observations. As we continue to get to know the rabbits and gather further insights into their personalities, colors may be adjusted accordingly.

Click here for detailed information on the adoption process.

Shelter Hours: Friday-Monday; 11 AM to 4 PM (Adoptions until 3:30 PM)

Address: 389 Requeza Street, Encinitas, CA 92024