Rehoming Your Pet

Before you consider relinquishing your pet, did you know that there are online resources that can help you adopt your pet directly into a loving home without ever having to place them in a shelter? Adopt-a-Pet and Get Your Pet both have programs that provide a platform that connects pet owners with prospective adopters, provide tools that take the guess work out of rehoming your pet and support you throughout the entire adoption process.

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Pet Relinquishment Process

Through our pet relinquishment process, we offer support for our community and a loving environment for the cat or dog that has been entrusted to our care.

One of RCHS’s main goals is the adoption of animals to permanent, loving homes. In order to achieve this goal, we gather information on all pets that are surrendered to our shelter. For this reason, you must contact us via phone or email in order for your animal to be considered for our adoption program. Although we cannot guarantee a space for every pet, our staff will do their best provide you with resources to assist you in rehoming your cat or dog if we are unable to accept the animal at our shelter. Additionally, we can provide training tips and resources that may help you resolve behavior problems and allow you to keep your beloved companion.

How to relinquish your cat or dog

  • If you are interested in relinquishing a dog, please call the shelter at 760-753-6413 or email [email protected]
  • Cat relinquishment requests must be completed over the phone. Please call the shelter at 760-753-6413.
  • You will be directed to complete a questionnaire about the animal, which then gets passed along to one of our Intake Specialists for review.
  • Our Intake Specialist will then contact you to update you on the status of your request. If your animal qualifies, they will schedule an appointment to further assess your animal in person.
  • Please be advised that the entire relinquishment process can take anywhere from three days to three weeks.
  • If your animal is accepted, you will be required to pay a relinquishment fee.
  • We are only able to consider owner-relinquished dogs or cats. We are unable to take in any other species. We cannot take same-day or walk-in relinquishments.