Still One of the Most Popular Wishes at RCHS

You would think after 59 years that we would run out of wishes for your Rancho Coastal Humane Society.

Some wishes recycle.

  • I wish there were more foster care volunteers.
  • I wish there were more donations to the Community Pet Food Bank.
  • I wish there were more Pet Assisted Therapy animals.
  • I wish more people gave their used stuff to the Thrift Shop.

There are new wishes.

  • Wishes for more advanced medical equipment.
  • Wishes our physical facility will continue to improve.
  • There’s always the wish from our volunteers that they had more time to give.

Even after nearly six decades, one of the wishes we still hear is, “I wish I hadn’t waited so long. I wish I had adopted my pet sooner. I would do anything to go back and have my pet spend even one night less in a kennel.”

For some friends of RCHS, that’s a wish you can fulfill. If you’ve been waiting to adopt a new cat, dog, or rabbit, maybe now is the time.

If it’s not the right time, you can become a volunteer here at the shelter or foster some pets in the privacy of your own home.

You can donate pet supplies, food, blankets, or money.

We’re asking you to make a wish come true right now by scanning this month’s Wish List. There might be something that you already have. It might be something that’s collecting dust in your closet or garage.

It might be something that you help buy. Something that makes a wish come true.

It might be a wish that saves lives.