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For her protection, Daisy was surrendered to Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) last spring. She was just three months old. Our medical team could not examine her because she growled and lunged.

Sadly, Daisy had been abused. She trusted no one.

Every day, Daisy spent her time in our offices to help her become comfortable with her surroundings. Animal Care and Adoption Director Ashley formed a special bond with Daisy. She taught Daisy to trust humans using “loyal love” and kindness. Like the flower, Daisy started to bloom.

After five months, it was time to find Daisy a safe home with patient owners and a confident canine to help her adjust. A customized adoption process was put in place to introduce Daisy to potential adopters.

One family came several times to meet, but not pet, Daisy. They brought their 2-year- old dog, T.J., who encouraged Daisy to play. The family showed us they could wait for Daisy to choose them.

Daisy’s new mom says this process was critical. She could “feel the love” from RCHS staff and knew she could help Daisy transform.

Today, Daisy has a new life in her forever home. Her perfect day includes a light rain, a muddy backyard and chasing tennis balls with T.J. She loves when Dad takes out his racket! Daisy climbs into laps and sleeps with her humans.

Ashley has a daisy tattoo in honor of this precious dog. Daisy has a family who continues to enrich her life. It is the perfect match. This transformation was fueled by love and perseverance.

Because of you, an innocent Daisy blooms. Thank you for your loyal support! RCHS rescues abandoned and abused animals and helps owners keep their beloved pets safe, healthy at their side, where all companion animals belong.

We need your help for all the Daisies in our care.

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