Adoption Process

By Appointment Only

Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) remains temporarily closed to the general public, but we have companion animals in our care that are ready for adoption, and our staff is ready to make that happen!

We are still committed to matching the needs of the pet with your family’s lifestyle, but our adoption process has temporarily changed to adoptions by appointment only.

We are accepting adoption survey applications via email ONLY.

Please take a look at the animals available for adoption. Whoever catches your eye, take a minute to see what color category they are in. Animals are assigned to color categories using any previous owner notes, general handling, as well as staff and volunteer observations.

If you feel like one could be a good fit, please download and fill out a Dog Adoption Survey, Cat Adoption Survey, or Rabbit Adoption Survey.

We are accepting adoption surveys via email ONLY.

Please send your completed adoption survey to

Be sure to reference “Dog Adoption,” “Cat Adoption” or “Rabbit Adoption” in the email header. You will receive a “Survey Received” confirmation email.

If you have already submitted a completed Survey, please send an email to, indicating that your renewed interest. Be sure to include your full name, the approximate date of submission, and the name of the pet you are interested in adopting.

You will receive an email response within 24-48 hours, indicating either: a) your completed Survey has been forwarded to an Adoption Counselor for review, or b) you will need to resubmit a completed Survey to start the process.

Here’s what happens next:

  • Your adoption survey is passed along to the adoption counselors for review in the order in which it was received.  If it seems like a good match, the adoption team will give you a call to further discuss the animal.
  • You may get a phone call from a staff member or volunteer that will be asking additional questions that will help us with the match-making process.
  • There is no specific timeframe in which you should expect a call. If the animal you selected is adopted by another family or if the animal is not a match for your household, you may not be called. 

We truly apologize for that, but we are facing an extremely high number of applications and, with reduced staffing, we are having difficulty responding to current demands. 

Some animals have been in foster care. Although it doesn’t happen often, foster families sometimes fall in love with their foster animals and want to adopt. RCHS fosters have priority when it comes to adopting animals they have hosted in their homes. On occasion, you may see an animal on our website which could be adopted shortly after it became available.

Our new color-coding system makes it easier than ever for you to identify a companion animal that may be right for you.

Check out the website for new adoptable dogscats, or rabbits. We continue to respond to our shelter partners and the community, bringing new animals on-site on a weekly basis, so don’t give up!

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work together to save the lives of homeless companion animals.

Please check the website daily for updates on adoptable animals and recent adoptions. Adoption Surveys will be kept on file for six (6) months. Feel free to reach out if a new animal interests you.

How to get ready for an appointment for a dog interaction (if you have received a call about an appointment time):

  • Buildings, as well as restrooms, are closed to the public.
  • All required family members and any resident dog(s) must be present.
  • All participants must bring and wear face masks at all times.
  • Written landlord approval may be required.
  • Payment will be by credit card or debit card ONLY.

While the shelter is closed, there will be no onsite cat or rabbit interactions.

Curbside pickup will be scheduled by the Front Desk.

Adoption Fees

Dogs $145
Puppies $195 +$50 (training deposit)
Cats $100
Kittens $125
Rabbits $40
Senior Pets (7+) $75
RCHS Favorites $75

The adoption fee includes:

  • Up to date on vaccinations
  • Spay or Neuter
  • Deworming medication
  • Flea control medication
  • Microchip and registration

These items purchased through a veterinarian would cost more than $250!

Special Fee Programs

Ask your adoption counselor about these special fee programs.

  • Better with a Buddy – Adopt one cat, kitten, or dog and get the second one (within a year) for just $25. Does not apply to puppies.
  • Two Purr One – Adopt two kittens together (within two weeks) and pay for just one.
  • Senior-to-Senior – Any senior (60+) adopting a senior animal (7+) will have the adoption fee waived.
  • Pets for Patriots – Fees waived for San Diego veterans. To qualify, please apply before visiting the shelter. CLICK HERE