Fetch – January 2019 – Wildlife Center

We can’t believe she ate the whole thing!

A recent patient at your Rancho Coastal Humane Society’s San Diego Wildlife Center reminded us of an old commercial for Alka Seltzer. Even if you’re not old enough to remember the original commercial, you’ll understand the feeling.

Watch that clip here 🙂

Wildlife Center Director Trish Jackman says, “We’re not the only ones who can eat too much around the holidays. Just before New Year’s Eve, the San Diego Wildlife Center received a hawk suffering from over-indulgence.”

Really? We didn’t know birds did that. After all, they’re light as a feather!

“When humans overeat, we might find it hard to get up from our chair. We swear never to do it again. When a large female hawk overeats, she’s so full, she can’t get off the ground. That’s how we came to know our feisty Red Tailed Hawk.”

The hawk was found on the ground in a yard. She wasn’t moving. When she arrived at SDWC she had a strange expression on her face. There was nothing wrong on her exam, so we looked at her crop (the pouch near the neck where food is initially stored.) This poor girl had a bulging crop along with bulging eyes that looked like she was saying “I can’t believe I ate that much!”   All we could do was keep her hydrated and warm while her body did the rest.

Trish says, “It took three days to digest everything and two more before she showed any interest in food.  It was amusing to know that even a large majestic hawk can have eyes bigger than her stomach.”

“We soon had a large, hungry bird.  Female Red Tailed Hawks are some of the most aggressive patients we see. She became strong, fierce, and no longer pleased with our presence. Other than the free food, she was done with us. She was ready to go.”

Trish adds, “As she flew away, we were grateful she was back where she belongs.  We also had a good laugh knowing that humans aren’t the only ones with eyes bigger than their stomach sometimes.”

During the first nine months of operation, the San Diego Wildlife Center took in more than 740 patients. Since the first of the year we’ve added about one new patient per day, with many more expected soon as wildlife baby season begins.

Babies need presents….even if they’re wildlife babies. Reserve March 9, 2019 for the first San Diego Wildlife Center Baby Shower. To support local wildlife visit sdwildlife.org, “Like” SDWildlifeCenter on Facebook, visit the San Diego Wildlife Center at 2380 Camino Vida Roble, Unit G, in Carlsbad or call 760-621-6888.