Fetch – Upcoming Events Jan-Feb 2019

UPCOMING Events and Activities:


Train your Dog Month
Walk your Pet Month

24:     Talk like a grizzled prospector Day. This has absolutely nothing to do with
animals. We just thought it sounded like fun.

26-27: “Insight Oceanside” tattoo shop donating 100% of proceeds from
walk-in customers to RCHS.



Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month. Visit the RCHS Rabbitat.

Spay / Neuter Awareness Month

1:        Don’t miss RCHS puppies on the Puppy Bowl on the Fox 5 Morning News.

1:        Groundhog Day. Because Groundhogs need love, too.

1:        Pet Food Bank open 9 – 11 AM

3:        Super Bowl 53. Come to RCHS to adopt your new “Player.”

10-16: National Secondhand Wardrobe Week. Visit the RCHS Thrift Shop.

11:      Satisfied Staying Single Day (Get a pet!)

12:      Lincoln’s Birthday. We cannot tell a lie. We’ll be open.

13:      Desperation Day. The day before Valentine’s Day.

14:      Valentine’s Day (Singles Awareness Day.)

16:     5K Paw Walk in the Garden. 8 AM to noon. Join us for the only day of the
          year when you can take your pet into the San Diego Botanic Garden.

16:      Pet Food Bank open 9 – 11 AM

18:      Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Not pet related. We just like it.

18:      National Drink Wine Day. Same as the Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.

18:      Presidents Day. Of course we’ll be open.

20:      Love your Dog Day / Love your Pet Day

22:      George Washington’s Birthday. George says we’ll be open on his birthday.

22:      National Wildlife Day. The perfect day to learn more about the SD Wildlife Center!

23:      National Dog Biscuit Day

26:     Zandra Rhodes “Wiggles and Waggles” Fashion Show Luncheon
          benefitting RCHS at the Del Mar Country Club

26:         Spay Day USA



Join us on March 9th for the “Baby Shower” at the San Diego Wildlife Center!