Foster Pet Parents We Need You – Especially the Virtual Kind

During the COVID-19 pandemic the RCHS Foster Program has been a vital link in our crisis response. In fact, the call for foster volunteers was overwhelming. We are blessed. We have more than enough foster volunteers at this time.

But we still need “Virtual Fosters.”  Isn’t just about everything virtual these days? If you want to help a homeless pet during this challenging time, please consider becoming a RCHS “Virtual Foster” by sponsoring a pet.

You can sponsor for a week, a month, or as long as you’re able. It can be $15, $25, $50 or more, any amount makes an impact. Our goal is to welcome 100 new Virtual Foster pet parents by the end of April!

Whether fostering in your home or virtually fostering a pet through a sponsorship, you are supporting the shelter, comfort and care of an animal in need.

So, thank you to those who are fostering while they “stay at home.” Thank you to the many who submitted applications to become fosters in the future – welcome to the RCHS family!

And, a very special thank you to those who decide that now is the time to become a Virtual Foster.”

For more information on all the different ways to help, please visit