Give RCHS a Piece of Your Heart… We Promise to Give it Back

Let’s get to the point. Foster Program volunteers at your Rancho Coastal Humane Society are life savers. Period!

That’s been even more obvious as COVID-19 forced changes and, in some cases, complete closures of animal shelters across the country. Our FOCAS (Friends of County Animal Services) Program continues to visit our shelter partners and take in pets, many of whom would not survive without us.

We sent as many animals as possible to foster homes. They went from crowded shelters with ticking clocks to homes with comfortable beds, good food, play time, and socialization.

One foster volunteer recently brought in the dog she had been fostering for two months. She wondered what her home would be like without the dog who had become part of her life. She watched as her foster pup finally met its forever family. This wouldn’t have happened without our dedicated Volunteer Foster Program.

She reached behind her mask to wipe away a few happy tears, then said, “I have a little hole in my heart. Don’t worry. I just need a few days. I’ll be back to fill the hole with another dog who needs me…even if it’s just for a little while.”

We have cat fosters, dog fosters, and bunny fosters. We have fosters who care for mommies with litters on the way, mommies with newborn babies, and mommies whose puppies or kittens just need a few weeks until they can be adopted.

Some fosters open their homes to pets recovering from medical procedures or illness. Other fosters provide quiet, safe homes where traumatized pets can learn to trust again. Every foster provides a second chance for companion animals, even our “Virtual Fosters” who can’t take pets into their homes, but instead provide a monthly sponsorship to help care for an RCHS shelter pet. 

This is what we mean when we say, “Together We Save Lives.”

Can you spare a little piece of your heart? You won’t regret it. Visit our website to learn more about the Foster Program and pet sponsorships.