Leonidas Gets a Fresh Start

Leo Needed Us

Leonidas arrived at Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) in September of 2020. He was flown out of Mississippi just as a hurricane was bearing down. Leo was then brought to RCHS through our FOCAS (Friends of County Animal Shelters) program.

He was adopted but returned when the family’s other pet decided it wanted to be the one-and-only. That return turned into a 10-month stay in our kennels as Leo waited for his forever family to find him.

Leo’s special day came last October when Aubrey and Andy took one look at his big, happy face and knew they had to have him. Now, Leo has a home and a family!

Thanks to our “Fresh Start” program, Leo had a $110 sponsorship that paid for a new harness, collar, and leash. He went into his new home with toys, bully sticks, Black Wing Farms essential oil spray, and his own baby pool.

His sponsorship also included a Good Pup Virtual Training Package to make sure Leo, Aubrey, and Andy got started on the right paw.

A few days after Leonidas was adopted, RCHS volunteer Beth Ugoretz sent Andy this email:

Hi Andy.  It’s so nice hearing that Leo is settling in and getting used to his new home and routine. I am sure that he is so grateful for his new life and family!  You received 3 sessions of Good Pup training, which is an online resource. Libby will sign you up and also send some videos that might be helpful for Leo. Happy Tails!

Andy’s response:

Leonidas is doing well! We love him as part of our family. We’re enrolled in Good Pup sessions. He’s super smart. We want to work with the Good Pup trainers on the safest ways to help him have other dog friends because we think he would get a lot out of that. We took him for his longest hike yet and he really enjoyed it. 

In his most recent update, Andy wrote:

Everything is going great! Leonidas is really settled now. He goes for 2 walks every day and gets lots of treats as we put him through his cues. He’s almost graduated from his Good Pup training, and we’re going to consider moving him to the higher-level classes because he’s so smart. We started taking him to the pet store regularly to help him socialize and he did really well! He even picked out a bone he really liked.

Thank you for your sponsorship of the Fresh Start program.

Thank you for being there when Leo Needed Us!