President’s Letter – May 2021

Dear RCHS Friends and Family, 

Thank you for helping RCHS meet the $75,000 matching gift challenge!

As soon as your individual contributions reached $75,000, RCHS received $150,000! 

When we first announced in mid-March that Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) had the opportunity to unlock a matching gift, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. With so many unknowns, including working from home, schooling from home, and all the shifting, pivoting and tier colors, we knew that our RCHS friends and family have been juggling a lot, including financial commitments. So, to inspire you to celebrate every day perseverance, our Spring Appeal told the story of Daisy, a young dog who found her way to blossom with love, kindness and a second chance in a forever home!

Remarkably, in just seven weeks, you helped us raise $75,000 to unlock the matching $1 for $1 gift to bring in a total of $150,000. We were amazed! Then, something even more wonderful happened.  We received two major gifts…and some additional gifts from late bloomers…that brought us to $190,431. Best Spring Appeal ever!

This means more adoptable pets will find forever homes, and pet parents in crisis will have a place to turn when they need a helping hand. Thank you for your donations! Thank you for helping us meet our match! Thank you for putting us “over the top!” Thank you from all the Daisies in our care!

This Spring, Daisies are Blooming, Because of You!


Judi Sanzo

President and CEO