RCHS is Making Dog Adoption Even Easier With a FREE Dog License

When you adopt from Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS), we do everything we can to make the experience easy and enjoyable. After all, adopting a pet should be a happy occasion! Now we’re doing even more to get you started on the right “paw” with a free dog license.

We’re now issuing a FREE one-year license to all newly adopted RCHS dogs who will reside within the jurisdictions controlled by San Diego Humane Society’s Department of Animal Services. In partnership with SDHS, all dogs and puppies adopted from RCHS will receive a free one-year license which comes with a tag that allows you to link your dog’s profile to a free and secure pet profile at PetHub.com, enhancing existing pet loss recovery services.     

Everything is completed before you walk out the door and head home to begin your new life with your new dog or puppy. You’ll have a year before you even need to give it another thought, and with PetHub, you can assure that your new best friend is always at your side.   


To see if you live in the jurisdictions eligible for this free license, view the image below. Everything in green is eligible. Purple areas will be available soon!