Rock Star’s Day Out With Rocky Kanaka!

Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) has a new friend – Rocky Kanaka! Rocky’s videos on social media generate as many as 20 million views. For RCHS, that’s more people than we can accommodate at our shelter!

Rocky contacted RCHS to ask if he could lend a helping paw on one of our projects. Yes! We needed a gazebo to give potential adopters a safe place to meet our dogs. If you’ve seen Rocky’s videos, you know that was nowhere near enough of a challenge for him. His day at RCHS kept growing longer and longer!

Rocky asked if we had any dogs who needed names. We just had received a litter of nine puppies with no names. He went on Facebook Live, inviting viewers worldwide to suggest names. Names came in by the thousands.

Then, we introduced Rocky Kanaka to an 11-month-old Labrador / Golden Retriever mix named Rock Star. Rocky asked Ashley and Libby from our adoption team if he could take Rock Star to the beach for a “Dog’s Day Out.” They had a blast! Of course, they stopped at Starbucks for Rocky’s go-to treat, a refreshing Puppuccino!   

While Rocky and Rock Star were playing in the ocean, back at the shelter, the gazebo was under construction. After a close inspection and sniffing by Rock Star, the gazebo was approved, and it was time to feed safe Thanksgiving treats to the dogs in our kennels.

Thank you to Rocky Kanaka and his crew for making another great day at Rancho Coastal Humane Society even better! We can’t wait for your next visit!

Please take a few minutes to watch Rocky’s day out with Rock Star at RCHS. As our Director of Volunteer Services says, “Get ready to say WOW!”

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