Anna: Saved by Grace

Anna spent a long time at RCHS before she was rescued. This white rabbit was part of a litter of five bunnies transferred from one of our local rescue partners on October 3, 2018 through FOCAS (Friends of County Animal Shelters.) They were just three months old. Inspired by Disney, they were named Anna, Elsa, Moana, Rapunzel and Philippe. They were so tiny they needed more care than we could provide at the shelter so they went into foster care with a trained RCHS volunteer.

The other four rabbits found homes shortly after, but not Anna. Twice more, Anna went into foster care. Fosters told us that Anna was “very shy” but she would warm up to humans who were patient. We also learned that Anna was not fond of humans reaching into her “space,” especially if food was present. Each time, she returned with great notes from the fosters about her playful, curious spirit and more about her favorite treats, toys and activities.

On May 12, 2023, 1,682 days after arriving at RCHS, Anna found her forever home. Visitors to our shelter told our Animal Care team that their daughter needed a companion, and she wanted it to be a rabbit. Our Director of Animal Care and Adoptions knows Anna best, and we wanted this to work! So, Sydnie arranged for this introduction in the Rabbitat yard, where Anna could feel most comfortable. Apparently, Anna forgot that she was “very shy” because she sat close to Grace’s father and let him pet her, behavior our Director had never seen Anna display before! Anna took to Grace quickly, making it clear that Anna had chosen her new family. A perfect match for Grace and Anna, now “Coconut” or “Coco.”

Grace understood that it might take time for Coco to settle into her new surroundings, even though we sent her home with everything she had accumulated during her time at RCHS. The day after Coconut arrived home, Grace sent us a photo of her new companion with an explanation: “She jumped into my arms.” Grace sends us regular updates and photos of Coconut in her new home. “She is such an cuddle bug we love her so much she is so funny around food  ❤️❤️❤️”  Coconut has an Instagram account. Here are just a few of her posts. Grace reports that Coconut is “living her best life.” Of that, we have no doubt!


Thank you for supporting Rancho Coastal Humane Society where we believe Every Animal Deserves a Tomorrow. ® Even if it takes four and a half years.

You can follow Coconut on Instagram at @coconutthebunny2023