Spring. When a Young Man’s Fancy Turns to Thoughts of Transmissions.

When the coffee maker at your Rancho Coastal Humane Society stopped working, we headed to the Housewares department at the RCHS Thrift Shop at 120 Aberdeen Drive in Cardiff-by-the-Sea to buy a replacement. We noticed that the Sporting Goods section in front of the Shop was changing from winter to spring and summer merchandise.

Staff and volunteers were pouring in the front door, past the Jewelry section through Women’s Clothing and the Shoe section, and gathering in the Furniture department. Someone asked, “Are we going to be selling car parts?”

Thrift Shop Manager Brian Cook and Other Brian were unloading a whole house of furniture that had been donated, including couches, lamps, tables, dishes, a laptop, and a big screen TV. Other Brian plugged in the TV and took a short break on the couch after unloading all that furniture. Oliver Everett was visiting the Shop with his human mom. He was eyeing Other Brian’s lap as a place to sit.


Brian stopped near the book and movie section to pet Toby, who had come to the Shop with his owner and wanted a treat.

So, Brian… is the Thrift Shop going into the auto parts business?

When he stopped laughing, Brian explained that he had called a “Transition” meeting, not a “Transmission” meeting. “We’re transitioning from winter merchandise to spring and summer items… shorts, sun dresses, sandals, boogie boards, beach towels, and dirt bikes.

It’s a lot of work to restock a store this size, so he asked for help. Someone must have misunderstood. Transition…not transmission.

Leaving with our new coffee pot, we heard Brian say, “Listen up everybody…”


As Brian reminds us constantly, the money raised at the Thrift Shop helps people and animals when they need it most. We have to be successful. Every Animal Deserves a Tomorrow®.

Be sure to “Like” Rancho Coastal Humane Society Thrift Shop on Facebook. If you have items to donate you can drop them off at the Thrift Shop at 120 Aberdeen Drive in Cardiff-by-the-Sea or call 760-753-0970 to arrange for pick up.