A Tidbit About Tidbit 

Tidbit was tiny when he was transferred to Rancho Coastal Humane Society last July through FOCAS (Friends of County Animal Shelters). At just four months old, this American-mixed rabbit only weighed about three pounds! 

We knew from the start that he would need time and space to warm up to each new situation. His initial behavior evaluation reads: “Tidbit will benefit from slow interaction and socialization to get him more comfortable with people.”  

In the RCHS Rabbitat, Tidbit stayed under the house in his enclosure whenever a handler approached. When the house was removed, his curiosity got the better of him.   That was progress! When a handler tried to pet him, Tidbit would hop away. After a few minutes, he’d scoot back over and allow the handler to pet his head. 

Eventually, Tidbit was confident enough to take a treat from the handler, but just one. When he was offered a second treat, he wasn’t interested. Little by little, hop by hop, Tidbit realized that he was safe at RCHS. Nobody was going to hurt him. He let us pick him up. When a handler reached into his enclosure, instead of moving away, Tidbit moved closer.  

Just as we were wondering if Tidbit would begin 2024 in our Rabbitat, he was adopted on New Year’s Eve day!  RCHS Rabbitat volunteer Sarah, who worked patiently to get Tidbit ready for his new life, has been staying in touch with Tidbit’s new mom. Sarah posted this follow up:

Little, shy Tidbit is doing beyond super! He is a lucky boy who is making his wonderful owner, who adores him, gleefully happy. She says he follows her throughout the house and runs up to her for cuddles and play time. He seems to have adjusted very quickly to being in a nice, quiet home.

Just 11 days after his adoption, Tidbit did a binky, and we caught it on video. (See below)  A binky is a large jump and twist. It’s literally a bunny’s happy dance and sometimes will occur when a rabbit is given a lot of space where he can run laps around the room – a behavior that many call “zoomies.” When rabbits display these behaviors, they’re showing us that they are full of energy, happy and excited! 

Tidbit is thriving at home. He is “binkying” around like he owns the place!  All the best to Tidbit and his new mom. A special thanks to Sarah.