An All Day and All Night Drive From Sonora Saves Even More Mexican Dogs

In July, your Rancho Coastal Humane Society joined paws with Rescue Fenix and our longtime friends at to save some dogs who traveled 17 hours from Ciudad Obregon to Tijuana. They may not have survived without us. RCHS and FOCAS just did it again!  On September 3rd, a Rescue Fenix official met another group of brave travelers at the border, and they began a new trip to Escondido, where they would spend the night in her home before being transported to our shelter.

You know that look on the face of a sleepy puppy? That was what it was like on Saturday morning when they were roused from their sleep and loaded up for the final leg of their trip to RCHS.


It was organized chaos when the transport vehicle pulled into our parking lot at 11:00 AM. Medical staff matched files with each new arrival. Animal Care attendants pulled out the crates, coaxed the confused dogs to step out, and introduced them to individual kennels where they will be our guests until they’re adopted.

We always have an estimate of how many dogs will be arriving, but there’s no guarantee until we unload the van. RCHS President Judi Sanzo says, “We were expecting 10 to 15 dogs including a young male, German Shepherd mix, a male Poodle mix, a 5 to 6-year-old, male Pug, and a pair of 2-year old, female Hound Mixes.”  The dogs arrived without the Pug but with a third Pointer-Hound mix, and a few smaller castaways!

RCHS medical staff performs intake examinations before the dogs are settled into their new kennels with food, water, and the first soft bedding of their lives. In the following days, the dogs receive more extensive exams, vaccinations, spay or neuter, and microchips. Some will find their way to foster placement once medically cleared, so they will get accustomed to their new California lifestyle. A great second chance for dogs who came far to find their “fur-ever” homes!    

Thank you for supporting your Rancho Coastal Humane Society where Every Animal Deserves a Tomorrow ®.

RCHS is scheduling “Adoptions by Appointment.” Visit to see pets who need homes. If this isn’t the right time to adopt, become a “Virtual Foster” to help pay for the care the care of the pets in the shelter until they are adopted.