Building for the Future

We’re building for the future at Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS).

In 1960, RCHS was alone on Requeza Street in Encinitas. One of the original volunteers told us, “It was a long hike up a dirt road to get there from Moonlight Beach.” The neighbors were mostly four-legged: cows, coyotes, and raccoons. As Encinitas grew, the wildlife was replaced by homes, apartments, churches, businesses, and a hospital. We went from “out in the boonies” to the middle of town.

On December 15th, we broke ground on the most ambitious construction project in our 62-year history, including a state-of-the-art veterinary medical clinic and a modern education center. RCHS President and CEO Judi Sanzo said, “This project started with the compelling need for a new medical facility, which only could be built in the place where the current Education Center stands. Everything just evolved from there.”

Judi said, “Demolition and construction are one thing. Staying open is another.” That’s why we’re working with our contractors, Good and Roberts. They have experience with construction around animals, having worked at the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld. They understand that we need to keep the animals safe, and we need to stay open.

The entire construction team toured the shelter, taking time to learn our schedules, activities and goals in animal care. Todd Rider, Good and Roberts’ Director of Operations, lingered in the Rabbitat, and within days, his wife Paige came to visit the rabbits. She said that Todd could not stop talking about the rabbits. They adopted a bonded pair of rabbits, Kick Flip and Ollie. These are our kind of people!


Once the dust settles, you can expect to see those new medical and education centers, a revamped pet food bank and a new look for our front office. Check HERE for a look ahead at what’s to come and to learn more about how you can support the project and RCHS.