Another Meowy Christmas Thanks to Santa Paws

Santa Paws made his first Christmas deliveries of pets adopted from Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) ten years ago. In 2022, the tradition returned! Santa, his helper, and a TV camera from CBS News 8 loaded up his “sleigh” with two cats heading to their forever homes!

Most Santa Paws deliveries are pets adopted by parents for their kids after going through the vetting process at RCHS. This Christmas, there was a twist in our holiday tale. A 12-week-old kitten named Bubbles was picked out by a young woman for delivery to her Mom. We were told that the family had recently lost their cat. Santa Paw’s followed his GPS to Solana Beach where he and his helper were greeted by Debbie. Her daughter and husband stood by while Santa Paws pulled out his list (and checked it twice) to confirm that Debbie had been “nice.”

Santa Paws then presented Debbie with one of the most unforgettable gifts she will ever receive: her new kitten, Bubbles. When Santa’s helper asked if Debbie was happy, all she could say was: “Love. Love. Love.”

Santa went back to the shelter to pick up a kitten named Kitkat. A quick trip up the 5 landed Santa Paws in Carlsbad where nine-year-old Lily was about to get the surprise of her life.

Lily heard the doorbell and slowly opened the door to see Santa Paws! When Santa asked if Lily had been nice, she turned to her mother who confirmed our suspicions. Yes. Lily was, indeed, on the nice list.

As Santa and his helper walked into the living room, Lily’s innocence shined through when she exclaimed, “I got a pet carrier!”

Santa sat it on the couch and told Lily, “We should look inside.”

When Kitkat popped out, Lily picked her up, then dropped to her knees to wipe her happy tears on the sofa cushions. Santa got the sincerest hug ever!
That was Lily’s way of thanking Santa for the memory she will carry the rest of her life.

You can watch CBS News 8’s coverage of the deliveries by clicking HERE!