Don’t You Want Some Bunny to Love?

“He was engaging and social once he was out in the x-pen. He was very squirmy when I tried to pick him up.” That’s from the first entry in Guillermo’s file at Rancho Coastal Humane Society.

This 4-pound, 4-year-old, Polish mix had just been transferred from one of our rescue partners through our FOCAS (Friends of County Animal Shelters) program. For more than three months, Guillermo got regular attention from our staff and volunteers to prepare him for his new life with a family. Over time, Guillermo became more social, but he still did not want to be picked up.

After a few more weeks in our Rabbitat, Guillermo’s unique personality connected with a family. He had found his forever home. His “mom” shared this update with us recently.

“These past few months have been wonderful. He really seemed to come around to us and his home space. We call him “my shadow” because he’s so excited to greet us upon waking during the early morning and to join evening greens feeding and playtime. He loves snooping around the place and has definitely gotten into some fairly harmless mischief.

Thank you for the tip on hand feeding! It certainly broke the “no-touch” ice between us and him. Now he doesn’t want to eat his greens / veggies any other way. He also presents his head to be petted and will, on occasion, lick our legs and arms in return.

 We really appreciate your follow up. We know G was in good hands with you!”

Guillermo has found a way to show affection for his new family, and his family has found a way to accept his “squirmy” side!