President’s Letter – November 2022


Dear RCHS Friends and Family,

It’s happening!

A construction trailer is on site and workers in yellow reflective vests are showing up at Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS).  The Education Department is now outside our main gate clearing the way for a much-needed Medical Center and a new state-of-the-art Learning Center. Graffiti-like marks and red plastic cables mark the path of water and power throughout the property. Temporary construction fences will soon arrive to protect our dogs as they spend leisurely days in the yards while also creating a safe path for staff, volunteers and visitors.

RCHS changes the lives of abandoned companion animals, offering them a second chance in a forever home.  We have been doing that for more than 62 years; we know our place in animal welfare. We have staked a claim in the lives of humans who love their pets and need our help keeping them healthy, safe and together. We know change!  We make it happen every day.

This change in our campus and in delivery of some of our core programs is a bit unsettling to some, and I want to assure you that RCHS is ready for this long-overdue renovation. We have worked carefully to identify how the construction will affect day-to-day activities and how we can minimize adverse effects. We chose a building partner with years of experience finding solutions focused on animal safety. We have hired key staff who are helping us become more visible in the community.  We also have our beloved volunteers that host events to remind others that RCHS is a good neighbor, just making some noise because we need to do more!

In the days and months ahead, we will be called upon often to problem-solve things we did not anticipate. We do that every day now when it comes to addressing the medical, behavioral and emotional needs of the animals in our care. Until they settle in our kennels, we never truly know what to expect. We make individualized care plans for each of the dogs, cats and rabbits in our shelter to improve their lives with care, comfort and compassion. RCHS will use those skills to manage this construction, recognizing the joy that comes in making a difference!

This project is focused on a future where animals and the people who love them will benefit from our knowledge, our skills and our commitment to save lives of thousands of companion animals! We could not do this without you! I am proud of each of you for your willingness to help us reach our goal. Together, we are em-barking on a new day for Rancho Coastal Humane Society!