President’s Letter

Dear RCHS Friends, Fans and Family,

I am giddy.

Not dizzy or faint.  Not weak.  Just overwhelmed with excitement!  Caught up in the whirlwind that has been swirling around Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) these days!

We had a wonderful day of fashion, fur and fun with my dear friend, Zandra Rhodes.  The Del Mar Country Club feels like home to RCHS so where else would we host a luncheon that featured Levi, Beez, Lola, Ghetti and Stella in canine couture!  Staff and volunteers rocked the show, wearing Zandra’s designs and some pretty high heels, and radiating confidence alongside the young freelance models. The energy at this event, and Zandra’s use of color and flow is symbolic of all that is happening at RCHS.

Being loved makes one giddy.  Having someone at your side, supporting your cause, growing your network, making connections, bringing joy, offering services, a warm smile and a strong hand up – that is overwhelming!  RCHS has always focused on adoption and education as its core programs, but our team is developing new ways to serve the community.  I am fond of saying “Yes!” whenever someone asks if they can ask a question. RCHS staff’s general response is, “But, you don’t know what I am going to ask for!”  My response is almost always the same, “You don’t want me to say ‘No,’ and I know we will find a way to make ‘Yes’ happen. So, what do you need?”  That’s how you grow, improve and succeed, and RCHS is gaining momentum in all program areas.

We are moving quickly from fashion to babies – SD Wildlife Center’s 1st Ever Baby Shower is less than 10 days away.  Our focus turns to squirrels, raccoons, baby skunks, ducks, birds of prey and songbirds. Our pink feathers at the fashion show are replaced by downy-soft feathers of newborns needing our care!

We are excited to share this time with you, our beloved volunteers, staff and donors!  You are the “wind beneath our wings,” and RCHS has taken flight to where the air is rarified.