It’s Time for a Kitten Shower

It’s Time for a Kitten Shower


Despite so many of today’s unknowns, there is one thing we can count on at Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS): It’s Kitten Season.

The first arrivals are already here with more to come in the weeks ahead. It’s like clockwork. With the weather warming up and the days getting longer, it’s that time of year when free-roaming, unaltered cats start to reproduce.

We always prepare and plan for Kitten Season months in advance. Sometimes, the litters show up in a box at our gate; other times, we get a call from one of our rescue partners that need us to take in litters through our FOCAS transport program.

We are hosting a Kitten Shower, and you are invited!  Of course, it’s “virtual!” Now through June 30th, you can participate in our Kitten Shower from your safe place! With special formula, bottles, heating pads and pet scales, taking care of orphaned, newborn kittens is a round-the-clock marathon! If you’d like to help, just check out our Amazon Wish List. Our Wish List includes items RCHS will need to keep replenishing throughout Kitten Season.

A big thank you to our foster families for helping with these little purring bundles of love. If you’re interested in caring for kitten litters through our Foster Program, you can find more information here.

Finally, if you do come across a litter of kittens while you’re out for a walk, please follow these important steps:

  1. Try to determine whether the mamma cat is still around before scooping them up.
  2. If they appear abandoned, hungry or in danger, take them to a safe place and contact Rancho Coastal Humane Society. We’ll direct you to a resource in your area that can help.

RCHS is committed to saving every single one of these tiny kittens because Every Animal Deserves a Tomorrow®.