Meet Rachel. You and Your Pet Just Might be the Helping Paw She Needs.

The Pet Assisted Therapy (PAT) Program at your Rancho Coastal Humane Society began when a couple of staff members took their dogs to visit a friend who was staying at a nearby assisted care facility.

The visit went so well that they were invited back, again and again. Our Pet Assisted Therapy volunteers (humans and dogs) continue to bring the unconditional love of animals to that facility.

Meet Rachel Filtz. She’s the PAT Program Coordinator. She’s always looking for more volunteers and more locations to visit.

PAT animals have traditionally been dogs, but you might have a cat who travels well and is able to give (and get) love from people whom (s)he doesn’t know. Maybe, you have a therapy bunny or guinea pig. In some situations, a bird, lizard, or snake can be exactly what someone needs for healing and to help bring back happy memories.   

If you know of a care facility, school, library or organization that can benefit from PAT visits, let us know. You can contact Rachel at or 760-753-6413.