Nala’s New Life

At Rancho Coastal Humane Society, we often hear about the incredible connections between kids and animals. There may not be a better example than this one.

Rhapsody and her siblings came to RCHS through FOCAS from a rescue partner in Orange County. Too young to be adopted right away, they went into foster care until they were old enough. Then, she met Chengije and everything changed. After a few months, he noticed a difference in that kitten and his niece.

Here’s part of the message Chengije sent to our adoption counselors:

I adopted Rhapsody 5 months ago. I would like to share a lovely story of Rhapsody (now named Nala) and Audrey (my sister’s newborn baby.)

At first, although Nala was a small and playful kitten, but she was shy and timid around humans. She would often hide and not interact a lot with anyone in the family. It really took a while for us to slowly gain trust from her.

But after Audrey was born, Nala began to change. She was curious about the new addition to the family and slowly started to come out of her shell. She would watch Audrey from a distance at first. Then, we would often find Nala sitting or sleeping near Audrey’s crib, just protecting Audrey when she is sleeping. In addition, Nala is always the first one there when Audrey cries. We believe Audrey helped Nala to become more trusting in humans and more confident.

We hope they can maintain this special bond between a human baby and a kitten, and they can all live healthy and happy lives.

We couldn’t agree more!