Olive Branches Out

Olive has history with Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS), and her story begins in 2016. Olive is a nine-year-old Terrier mix who was transferred from a rescue partner in Riverside County to Rancho Coastal Humane Society through FOCAS (Friends of County Animal Shelters). She was adopted four days later. Olive stayed with that family for nearly six years before she was returned to us.

David Kendall, a devoted RCHS volunteer, spent time with Olive at the shelter. Olive seemed comfortable with his presence in her kennel. She was nervous and shy, but would approach when invited. David asked to take Olive on a “Doggy Day Out.” RCHS created this new foster opportunity to help promote adoption of our adult dogs. It’s a few hours out of the shelter to see how a dog behaves in the real world. Does the dog enjoy a ride in the car? What happens when the dog sees other dogs in public? Is the dog housetrained? How does the dog interact with the humans in a home environment?

At the end of a planned “Doggy Day Out,” we hope to have the answers to the questions that potential adopters will ask. David took Olive home to meet his wife, Anne. Two hours later, they were back at RCHS, signing the adoption papers!

David and Anne understood that Olive could be fearful. She would need patient owners and Olive needed to be the only dog living in her new home.

They also understood that Olive would need some time to figure out that her life had changed forever. This was her new family, and she never had to be afraid again.

After every adoption, we send a follow-up email to see how things are going. David let us know that Olive was getting plenty of exercise and snuggles while keeping a close eye on her new pack. He ended the email, “Thank you for checking on Olive. You cannot have her back!”

Since that time, David has shared updates on Olive.

“She has moved right in and is working hard to teach me to sit, lay down, stay and come. She is a good instructor so I should learn quickly. She has pretty much taken over the house … When she is not running around, she goes immediately into recharge mode. Usually in her bed or on the couch where she can keep one eye on Anne and the other on me. We are her pack and she takes her responsibilities seriously.”

Olive is home to stay.

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