President’s Letter – December 2022

Dear RCHS Friends and Family,

Seriously, it’s really happening! 

Our campus expansion project is underway. Construction fencing now mark the path down the driveway to the back of the property where volunteers can still exercise our dogs. Straw wattle (yes, that’s a word – look it up!) and sandbags line the perimeter to prevent erosion and capture stormwater runoff when the rains come. The Education Center has been vacated, and potted plants have been scattered throughout the property. The Military Working Dog Memorial has been shielded from construction and all of the messages on the Tribute Bricks have been written down so that we can restore them on a new Tribute wall surrounding the monument with indelible recognition of those we love and lost.

Safety is our priority. A new pathway from the street to our gate will soon provide the best protection from construction traffic for our staff, volunteers and visitors. We are hanging signs that show that we are open during construction. We are also working with our general contractor to ensure that everyone’s experience on campus is as good as it can be.

Essentially, Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) will continue to do all that we have done, just differently. Our Pet Food Bank will continue to offer pet food and supplies to those in need at the church and at the shelter, just in a different spot. KCS (Kids Community Service) has been restored and we look forward to Animal Camp bringing young ones back to RCHS during Spring and Summer breaks. Our Pet Loss Support Program has been providing one-on-one therapy sessions since the pandemic started, and our grief counselors will continue to serve those who need us. Animal Safehouse and VetCare for Seniors Programs remain a “safety net” for clients who need our help to keep their beloved pets safe and healthy for a lifetime of comfort and companionship. Our beloved shelter pets will continue to receive extraordinary care and comfort, training and enrichment, attention and affection from our amazing staff and volunteers until they find their forever families.

While we are feeling squeezed on campus, our community presence is growing. We are attending fairs, parades, conferences and corporate open houses – in addition to the usual visits to schools, senior centers, hospice, assisted living facilities, libraries by our Pet Assisted Therapy teams – to remind San Diego County that RCHS is still their “go-to” animal welfare organization.

We have called for foster volunteers, and you have heard us!  Our dedicated foster volunteers are clearing their calendars to help, new fosters are being trained, and homes are being readied to provide the perfect respite for our shelter pets while we “dust up the place.” Thank you all for stepping up to help!

This project will change RCHS forever, improving our facilities to meet the growing needs of San Diego County for animal-related programs and services. So, brush off the dust, step around the safety cones and help us build that a future where Every Animal Deserves a Tomorrow®.

Happy Holidays!