Nina Comes Full Circle

For months now, we’ve been sharing the story of Nina, a Shepherd mix puppy. From her early life in Mexico, to her surgery and recovery, she has proven to be a survivor.

Fostering is a critical part of the Rancho Coastal Humane Society story. For us to serve all the companion animals that we do, we rely on our foster families to open their hearts and homes – even if only for a short time – showing our shelter pets a glimpse at a bright future awaiting their adoption into loving, forever homes.

Nina’s story reminds us that a loving home makes all the difference. Nina has learned to trust humans again, and her growing affection for her foster family has transformed a temporary stay into a permanent home. Not all fosters adopt, but all fosters help transition abandoned animals into adoptable pets.

Nina needed a ”bilateral femoral head ostectomy” to fix her hip dysplasia. We knew she was shy. She cowered when approached by our care team. Nina had to be carried to her exercise yard. Our behavior team asked our medical staff to take a closer look. They found her troubles were not from a lack of socialization. It looked more like pain. The x-ray confirmed it!

Nina’s surgery was a success! Just days later, she met her foster family and started the healing process. Post-op visits done, activity restrictions lifted and now pain-free, Nina needed to learn how to be the companion animals she was born to be. Her faithful companions – Mushi, a Samoyed who lay by her side during her recovery, and Louie, an American Eskimo who accompanies her to aqua therapy, are great teachers. Nina now craves affection from her foster parents and finds comfort in their bed. She is even really gentle with the family cats. Still, new things can give her pause. When her foster family held a party with a cake to celebrate her first birthday in September, Nina did not stick around to blow out the candle. Nina’s foster family cannot stop sharing their love for her.

“She is an absolute joy and sure brings so much happiness to all of us! Even the kitties are completely in love with her! We continue to work building confidence, but we are often reaching big milestones and becoming less and less worried about the world. … Nina is the most perfect little flower and I’m so honored to be her Mom!”

UPDATE: Nina’s fosters have decided they just can’t bear to let her go. Nina has found her forever home with Mushi, Louie and their humans!

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