Olive’s Day Out Leads To So Much More

The faces of Anne and Dave Kendall absolutely light up when you ask them about Olive. “We’ve had so much joy come back in the house. We’ve laughed more than we have in a long time.” It’s only been a matter of months since they welcomed her into their home, now her forever home, and already it’s a different place.

Dave met Olive while volunteering at Rancho Coastal Humane Society. He is a “dog person” and quickly took to the training given to all volunteers by our staff. “They all have the same spirit and desire to help animals. It’s a wonderful place to volunteer.”, Dave says when asked about our animal care team.

Dave had spent a few months getting to know several dogs at the shelter, but when he met Olive, he was smitten. He quickly jumped at the chance to take her on a “Doggy Dog Out”, a program that gives a dog a chance to get away from the shelter. That’s when Anne met Olive and the adoption wheels started turning. After another Doggy Day Out visit to the house, Anne said “she needs to come home.”

After being adopted, Olive’s took a little while to realize her new home was her forever home. But once she did, she settled in quick. Dave credits his volunteer training as one of the reasons Olive adapted so quickly: “If more owners of pets knew all this stuff, they’d have a happier relationship with their animals.”

Anne says Olive makes them feel like a family unit again, adding that her blood pressure is down since Olive came home. With a small tear on his cheek, Dave summed it up perfectly: “We’re sitting here with our lovable little Olive. She keeps one eye on Anne and one on me. We’re her pack. We get as much out of it as she does. She’s an amazing dog.”

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