President’s Letter – April 2023

Dear RCHS Friends and Family,

Today’s letter practically wrote itself! Our FETCH adoption story is about Melaya, now named Millie. You should stop and read that story first. I will wait!

Okay, here’s the update (spoiler alert if you did not read the story)! Just about a month after Millie went home, her new mom wrote to me:

On March 5th my husband and I adopted Millie (Melaya was her name while she was staying with you and your team). From the first minute we arrived at Rancho Coastal your staff was wonderful! From the front desk staff, to the adoption interview folks (Abby and Audrey), to the vet (Julie) that went over Millie’s medication needs, it was clear that all the animals in your care were in loving hands!

Millie had a lot of anxiety when we brought her home and I reached out to your staff to ask for some assistance. I was connected with Libby Kovalcik and she has been a godsend for us. She has personally come out to our home twice now to work with us so we can better understand Millie and help her acclimate to her new forever home. Her hands-on assistance, answers to our questions, and training guidance has been a game-changer!

We wanted to thank you for the on-going support that your organization provides to new “adoptees and their parents.” The adoption is just the first part. Having in-home consultation/help is beyond valuable! Libby has helped ensure that we are off to the best start possible!

Thank you again to you and your whole team for what you do each and every day for these precious creatures… You are angels on earth 💗


I am proud of our adoption counselors, our behavior and training team, and our continued partnership with adopters. We are well known for our customized adoption process: RCHS matches the desires of the adopter with the needs of the animal. Sending them home is just the first step to assuring the right match! Keeping them home might require a bit more in some instances, like it did with Millie, but RCHS is there for our adopters. Strengthening the human-animal bond is more than a tagline; it’s our mission.

We may not be “angels” but, thanks to your support, we certainly have wings!